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Muahas and Confuzzles [userpic]
by Muahas and Confuzzles (haruhara)
at September 26th, 2007 (12:01 am)

Hay guys! Celi-mod again.

Just letting you know I finally updated the Friends Add List and the Living Assignments. If there is anything amiss, leave a note and I will fix asap. /o/

For all you zombie goers, everyone is with everyone and the zombies are ENDLESS. CAN YOU SURVIVE. D:

For the new people! If you have NOT done so, please go:

Here and reply with:

Player Name:

for each one. It'll make the mod life much more easier and we'd appreciate it. :o Remember event will end Thursday and new one will be made!

I will edit the profile to the comm sometime this weekend to make everything all pretty and bootiful. ...Still lacking an image though. XD UNLESS YOU WANT MY TALENTED MSPAINT JOB which they aren't horrible but still. ANYWAY. HAVE FUN.

((Hay, guys, go look at anime_lj_tcg and refer me if you decide to join. This is totally a shameless plug.)